Hall of Mosses

Yesterday was our last day in the Olympic National Park area before heading home. Our first stop was the Hoh Rainforest. Also known as the Hall of Mosses, when you walk through the trees here, you are looking at huge amounts of moss, as seen here. On the way out of Hoh Rainforest area, we headed south to Ruby Beach, where we climbed the driftwood and rocks, touched the starfish and sea anenomes, and even went for a little wade. Ruby Beach is a great stop for kids.

Olympic National Park in a Day

Shimmering Coho jump out of the water. Mountainous valleys and lakes build a magnificent landscape. Coastal towns create a laid back vibe in this nature heaven. Olympic National Park is a 1,400 square mile park located in the Olympic Peninsula. Although it is worth more than a day, some only have one. Here, try and visit these top 2 spots for the best experience in the Olympic Mountains. Yesterday, our first stop was Sol Duc Falls. Although several reviews on the internet say there is a hot spring at the end of the trail, there isn’t. That’s a different trail….

A Swim and a Hike in Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is the largest national park in the state of Washington. Sitting on the Olympic Peninsula, bordering the Pacific Ocean, the park is about 3-4 hours from Seattle. It is a collection of natural beauty, coming in all different forms. After living in Seattle for 7 years, this is the first time I have ever come here. Obviously, the best hike in the park is Hurricane Ridge. About 40 minutes from Port Angeles, the ridge, sitting atop the Olympic Mountain Range, is a great way to really see the area, from a height. First, go to the visitor’s…

The Drive from Seattle to Port Angeles

The drive from Seattle to Port Angeles is rather uneventful. With not much between the Emerald City and the base of operations for Olympic National Park, the only things we felt that it was necessary to stop at was Bainbridge Island. Otherwise, right along to Port Angeles, or the port of angels. We arrived late, but just in time for the sunset setting along the Straight of Juan de Fuca. Sure, not much happened today, but we are all ready for tomorrow.

Navigating Pismo Sand Dunes

Normally, towering sand dunes and never ending landscapes such as this one only appear in Africa. But for those who visit Pismo Beach, the Pismo Dunes Recreational Area lets people explore the region to the greatest extent. Pismo Dunes are a giant area filled with sand dunes, constantly moving and changing shape. Being at Pismo Sands RV Park, probably the best one for kids in the area, we had a little walk to Pacific Dunes Ranch and RV Resort. There, you had to hike over what was seemingly nothing but brush and sand underneath. There is a light trail there….

ATV’s on Pismo Dunes

Avila Beach is a spectacular road trip stop. Several years ago, on a road trip down to San Diego, we stopped there to witness two Humpback Whales in the bay. Unfortunately, this time we were not given that honor. But the waterfront was a cool morning stop before heading back down to Pismo Beach. Pismo Beach, more specifically Pismo Dunes State Vehicular Area, is a metropolis when it comes to ATV, or All Terrain Vehicles. With more than 40 services providing quad bikes and such operating out of Pismo area, it was a hard choice, but we ended up going…

The Beach at Pismo Beach

After several hours of driving yesterday, we arrived in Pismo Beach, near San Luis Obispo. Although not having enough time to really do anything in the area, I managed to walk down to the beach right to get some photos right before it turned night, and right after. These pipers, similar to the Disney short clip, run back and forth from the shore, digging into the ground to get meat from small shellfish, and then running away from the waves to hide on the dry sand. The beach here is great, and although the water is a little cold in…

Top Napa Valley Destinations

Napa Valley has a wide variety of beautiful vineyards, quiet roads and bright hues in the landscape. We decided to try and tour some of it, enjoying the views, and my parents the wine, of this great Californian region. Downtown Napa is the capital of the Napa Valley. Although in my opinion it is a boring city, one of the top things to do in the entire valley is the Wine Train, a great tour taking you through Napa Valley all the way north to Calistoga where you get out to go to a winery. It is a great way…

Air-streaming in California

Off to a good start, my road trip down the I-5 continued with an 8 hour drive from Oregon to Calistoga in Napa Valley. The scenery in Northern and Central California was great, like at this truck stop near Shasta. Heading South, something you cannot miss is Mt. Shasta, one of the tallest mountains in the Western USA. It has several great vista points off of the side of the road. Napa Valley is a great destination, and our first one. Deciding where to stay in Napa Valley is sometimes difficult as there are several cool towns with different things…