London in 2 Days

London is so many different things. It’s different districts captivate different things people love. As much as The West End’s expensive taste and extravagant shopping attracts tourists, The City’s ancient history and architecture is a must-do. London has so many wonderful experiences and beautiful attractions and I soon learned this city isn’t doable in a week, let alone 2 days. But I did what I could in the time I had and it just showed me how much I needed to come back.


Day 1: Southbank and The City

With some of London’s most beautiful features and well known landmarks, the Eastern part of Europe’s largest city holds favorites like Tower Bridge and the London Eye. Here are the best things to do in this part of downtown London.

Borough Market


Often overlooked (even by me,) this downtown fresh food market sells some of the best products; juices, fruits, oils and lots of cheese. At first, I only stopped here for some hot chocolate next door, but soon realized that this was an amazing place to stop.

Tower Bridge


Tower Bridge is one of London’s most photogenic sights. You really can’t take a bad photo here, and you’ll get even better ones if you take the inexpensive journey up for the Tower Bridge Experience, where you can stand on a glass platform above the River Thames and some history on the building of the city’s most popular crossing.

Tower of London


If you want to see London’s older side, head to the Tower of London. This will take multiple hours of your day, but it’s worth that and the slightly expensive ticket price. Make sure you take the tour with the Yeoman Warder’s, or as they’re more commonly known, the Beefeaters. They give you a hilarious way to think about the executions, murders and tortures that took place in Britain’s safest castle.



Day 2: Westminster and West End

Buckingham Palace


If you want to be the closest to the Queen that you can, head to Buckingham Palace. Along with the fact that this is a beautiful palace built hundreds of years ago, you can also witness the Changing of the Guard, a routine practiced by the Queen’s guards, is a great way to see how these fuzzy headed, emotionless men perform their guard duties. These ceremonies are very elaborate.

Piccadilly Circus


The best shopping in the nation, with stores that you absolutely need to go into such as Fortnum and Mason’s, Hamleys and M&M’s World. This shopping district covers blocks and blocks of beautiful old buildings and modern stores inside of them. Make sure you visit!



Neal’s Yard



Nothing much to those looking for what to do, check out Neal’s Yard. This large district is great for shopping, eating and looking around, but head to this specific little corner for some colorful photos and buildings! To find it on Google Maps, look up Neal’s Yard Remedies.



London has a lot more to offer, but in order to fit it all in (and recover from jetlag if you’re coming from further,) these were my favorite attractions!

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