Best Places to Visit in 2018

2017 was probably the best year of my life. Yea, it had it’s downs, but overall I got the most done and had the happiest year of my life. I met new people, traveled all over and explored my passion for photography. I traveled tens of thousands of miles by car, train and plane. I took thousands of photos and reached 2,000 views on my website that I released in August.

During 2017, I also visited some of the best destinations, both in the US and Peru, some of which took my breath away. So, here are the top 5 destinations to visit in 2018, just to make sure you get the best possible experience during your trip.

5. Lima, Peru

In February, I was in Lima for about 2 days. 9,000,000 people call this place home, and is almost 4 times the size of greater New York City, meaning it is extremely difficult to fit it all in in 2 days.


The city itself is beautiful, but the breathtaking bit comes when you reach the shoreline. Lima was Peru’s gateway to the ocean. Cliffs lead down to the beaches, making this city more beautiful than it already was.


4. New York City

New York City, specifically Manhattan, was one of the most significant, beautiful and life changing places I visited last year, and if you haven’t been, you really truly should. The cultural diversity, beautiful buildings, amazing food and breathtaking views make it just such an outstanding experience. The 2 days I was there were not nearly enough, but I got enough done to say it’s one of my favorite places on earth.

Imperial Rays

3. Machu Picchu

This one doesn’t really need description. Machu Picchu is a stunning ancient city, full of llamas, ruins and mountains. What’s not to love! It is surprisingly easy to get up here, so don’t worry about cost or difficulty. Neither are a problem. Definitely put this on your bucket list. It’s a world wonder for a reason.

Machu Picchu

2. Pismo Dunes

In California. halfway between LA and San Francisco, you’ll find the city of Pismo Beach, where the super amazing Pismo Dunes is located. This is something you wouldn’t think you would find anywhere except the Middle East.

Pismo Dunes
Pismo Dunes

Walking from the city up the path, you wouldn’t know it was anything special, until you arrive at the top, looking over an ocean of dunes.


1. Cape Flattery

About 4 hours from Seattle, this one is slightly closer to home, but my personal favorite. Going here with my family, I would just sit on the cliffs, overlooking the white water clashing against the rocks hundreds of feet below. I was just stunned by the natural beauty and I’m definitely going back.

White Water
Blue Water
Blue Water


It isn’t hard to travel. So why don’t you go do it? If you need information on budget travel, go here or here. And visit these top destinations!

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