Showcasing: Washington

Showcasing is a new series that is based solely on ‘showcasing’ a destination. Whether that destination be a city, state or country, I will show you the best stops. The best experiences. Where to go. What to see. The works. I’ll show you my best photos and stories from there as well. They will come out once a month, as the first blog post in a month.

Washington, our first showcase, is the legendary Evergreen state. From seashores to towering mountains, Washington has some of the most astounding nature. With 3 national parks and 157 miles of serene coastline, you can see a variety of natural beauty. Head to Seattle for a city full of life, or the East for a relaxing weekend vacation in the sun.

Here, I am going to show you the most beautiful, most memorable and most amazing places in Washington state. First: The Metropolitan Area of Seattle.


Yellow and Black

Above, you can see the view from Kerry Park at night, Seattle’s premier viewpoint for the Space Needle. If you want a great view in Seattle, be it at night or day, head here.

Victor Steinbrueck

Another great view is from the obviously famous Pike Place Market, and right next to it at Victor Steinbrueck Park. Super awesome views of the Seattle Wheel and the whole waterfront.

Myrtle Edwards

Myrtle Edwards Park is another great spot, especially for sunsets, and it’s right downtown and on the waterfront. Washington has some of the best sunsets. Orange horizons and deep blue skies setting over the sound. No state does it better.

Smith Tower

After living in Seattle for 7 years, I only just visited Smith Tower this summer. It’s an amazing view, with 360 degrees of Seattle all around you, from the Cascades to the Federal District, and of course the Pacific Ocean.


Olympic National Park


Like I said, Washington has some amazing sunsets, like this one in Port Angeles, looking over the ocean. Check out the full story here.

Albert the Deer
Albert the Deer

Another top spot in Olympic National Park is Hurricane Ridge. A perfect way to experience the nature Washington has to offer, you can go hiking on a variety of trails right through the Olympic Mountain range. It’s great for kids! This was my experience with it.


Washington doesn’t have to be all adventure and obvious beauty. Head to Lake Crescent for some tranquil, relaxing time on the water.

Blue Water
Blue Water

One of my personal favorite destinations in the entire world, Cape Flattery is too extravagant and beautiful to explain in a short paragraph. Head here if you want to see more. Just know, it’s beautiful.



Rainbow Falls

Stehekin is undoubtedly an undiscovered paradise. Undisturbed, and magnificent. Obviously, it’s right next to Lake Chelan, a popular tourist destination. Easy access and beautiful waterfalls such as this one make it one of my top places to visit in Washington.

High Bridge

If you want to see the best way to visit all of Stehekin in the limited time you will have, see my story here. The best transportation you’ll get in this small town is by bike.

Stehekin School

Although the nature up here is breaktaking, it’s interesting to see how a town of 82 people cut off from the outside world survives.


Mt. Rainier National Park


Mt. Rainier in wildflower season is absolutely stunning. This gigantic mountain is surrounded by beautiful nature and scenery like nowhere else. This here is Reflection Lake.

Snow in the Summer
Snow in the Summer

Washington is a beautiful state. Beautiful. Sand to snow, city to sky. If you don’t live there, and if you haven’t visited it, you need to! These are some of the most beautiful places in the state. Feel free to Contact me if you have questions, and let me know if you think I forgot somewhere in the comments!


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