Photo Essay: Modernity

Modernity. Eternity. History. The past syncs with the future. And the future is now. The future is towering skyscrapers, shimmering lights and creative capabilities. It is the capacity to show nothing, or everything, in one photograph. It is the explicit ability to show one thing. Today.

Modernity is visibility

Modernity is mobility

Modernity is clarity

Modernity is uniformity

Modernity is absurdity

Modernity is unity

Modernity is congruity

Modernity is simplicity

Modernity is creativity

Modernity is community

As you know, photo essays are a new thing for me. I have decided to release one photo essay a month. A photo essay consists of one theme, consistent throughout the whole project. 10 photos that display this theme are chosen, and they all go into the essay!


In this case, it was modernity. At the end of 2018, you will be asked your favorite photo essay since we started. If you have ideas for themes, comment them below!



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