My Favorite Travel Apps

The best way to find cheap deals, great destinations and awesome ideas is simple: Apps! There are apps for everything now. You can read someone’s blog post, or find hotels the day of. Rent someone’s car, or keep track of where you’ve been in the world!

Here are some of the best apps I have ever used on my iPhone to travel the world.



Airhelp – Simple; Get paid when you’re delayed! It’s the easiest way to get money when your flight is delayed.

Jetradar – A good system to find a flight when you know where and when you want to go.

Skiplagged – This app is one all airlines hate. It finds you the absolute cheapest flights using a controversial system you should definitely check out. Essentially cheat yourself into cheap flights.

Hopper – One of my favorites. It tells you when to buy flights by keeping track of the lowest prices. When the price is as low as it will go, it’ll tell you to buy. If it can go lower, it’ll tell you to wait.

Hitlist – Simply let them know what you like, and they’ll find you the awesomest stuff (And I mean awesomest) to go see.

Kayak – I think everyone knows Kayak. One of my favorites for flights, especially when you don’t know where you want to go.

Amtrak – If you’re planning on traveling around the US at all by train (and you should,) get this app to track all the trains.

Turo – Rent cars from actual people. Don’t worry, it’s safe, and much more affordable than bigger companies.

Getaround – Rent cars by the hour! This is a great choice if you’re backpacking.



Image-1 (1)

Hostelworld – If you really want to experience where you’re traveling too, make sure you get a hostel. You meet the best people. – If you ever have a long layover, install this app. Actually, just install it now! It let’s you have a hotel room for the day. Shower, nap. The works.

Couchsurfing – If you want to completely eliminate lodging costs and take a little bit more of an adventure, go on Couchsurfing. It lets you literally sleep on peoples couches!

Jetsetter – One of my favorite ways to find hotels. It provides loads of info, stories, and photos for each hotel and destination.

Hotel Tonight – Get a hotel. Tonight! Hotel tonight is the leader in last minute hotel deals.

Oasis – Find your dream vacation rental, in handpicked homes from around the world.

Airbnb – Book great homes, and now experiences and restaurants, in almost every country in the world. Much better than hotels.

Trip Advisor – Along with picking out exactly what you should do on your weekend off, Trip Advisor is able to pick out all the hotels you need to choose from.




Been – A super awesome way to keep track of where you have been in the world. Have you been to 1% of the world? 5%? 10%? Guess you have to install the app. Been comes in both Android and iTunes, and also has a feature in iTunes where you can see what states you’ve been to as well.

Countries Been – Although not as pretty as the app above, Countries Been does allow Android users to also measure what states they’ve been to, as well as everyone can see what Canadian provinces, French regions and 20 more countries they split up.

Trips – I love this app. Love love love. It lets you see other people’s stories from their amazing travels, or document yours and share them with friends and family. Go install it if you haven’t already via the link above, and make sure to follow me!

Our Itinerary – Our Itinerary is the app for the travel itinerary maker, Travefy, which is what I use whenever I plan a trip.

Guides – Lonely Planet’s other app, Guides, let’s you see the best everything to do in most major cities around the globe while you’re there; Restaurants, Activities and Lodging, and more.

Elk – My favorite currency converter

Converse – Translate people speaking in real time. In a country where you don’t speak the language? Pull out converse. Pretty handy, right?

Google Trips – Google Trips gives you the best planning services (aside from Travefy,) as well as a perfect way to find what to do based on location, photos, and weather.

Packpoint – Looking for anything you forgot to pack? Check here.



Top 3:

#3: Hitlist

Image-1 (2)

Hitlist is literally a hitlist. It lets you save everywhere you want to go, and when there’s an awesome deal going on, it notifies you with the cheapest flights available to your dream destination. It has other features that you’ll find if you install it now!


#2: Been

Image-1 (3)

Where have you been? For me, I have been to 8 different countries. According to Been, that means I have been to 3% of the world. 1% of Europe, 7% of North America, 7% of South America and 10% of Oceania. I’ve also been to 56% of the United States. If you want stats like these, install the app!


#1. Trips

Image-1 (4).jpg

Lonely Planet Trips is a lifesaver. It lets you document your best travel stories in an amazing, dynamic way. You can share your travel experiences with friends and family, or anyone else out there! Upload photos, videos and writing, or look at other people’s own trips and use them to inspire your next adventure!