Juggling Travel and School

Some of you (Most of you) probably know that I am only 14 years old. Barely in High School, and yet somehow I manage to travel near and far to take beautiful photos and see beautiful places. That’s because I know how to juggle travel and school.

Stehekin School

The first main thing is that you can’t be worried about visiting far away places. Sure, when you have time over times like Summer or Winter Break. But when you only have a week off school, or even a 3 day weekend, you can’t be worried about flying to Africa and going on a safari! Students need to not miss that much school, and most parents can’t afford that many foreign trips like that.

Whether you are an adult or not, you know it’s hard for students to miss school. I know it! It can be really difficult to make up all the work you miss. But there’s a trick to that. Don’t let there be work to make up! Do it on the holiday! Whether you be sitting on the plane, in the car or at the pool, do some homework! It may suck, but it’s better than getting an F. Give up 30 minutes a day on vacation so you can make up as much as you can.

High Bridge

Also make sure you are taking some local trips. Local Trips are where it’s at in my opinion. I mean, I’m all for foreign trips to exotic places and will take them any day, but there’s already loads of stuff right in your backyard! Take Washington for example. We have 3 national parks. I crossed two of them off this year only (Mt. Rainier and Olympic National Park.) I still have North Cascades left. They’re amazing and I highly recommend you check out the links above, and then go check out the parks themselves, if you live in Washington.

If not, I’m sure there’s still a bunch of stuff to do around you! Go and look around.


Another thing for juggling school and travel is that you need to have cheap vacations. Go check out my guide for budget travel here. Parents, splurge a little so your kids can have vacations. And kids, check out that link to convince your parents to let you go, with or without them.

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