Budget Travel for Dummies

Ever tried budget travel? It’s pretty hard. You want to buy clothes, food and experiences. Get your photo taken! Go on a cruise. Hell, even I want to!

It’s hard, for sure. It was hard for me to travel across the country on a budget, and yes, we had a few binge days. But check out my blogs in August for the full update on Backpacking across the US on a low budget, or here.

Budget travel, unlike common knowledge, doesn’t consist of saying no. It consists of saying YES! Say yes to having fun, on a budget. Say yes to exploring on your own instead of going on a touristy tour. Say yes to seeing your destination as what it is! Say yes to having a blast on your vacation.


The first step to Budget Travel is simple. Don’t spend money! See, told you. Money is the thing that keeps your trip going. First, you start out with the necessities, like airfare, lodging and food. But then comes the discretionary spending, like the tours, expensive eats or tourist souvenirs! Don’t give into that. Instead of going whale watching in Mexico, walk around the beautiful coastal town you’re visiting! Instead of taking an Uber from place to place, catch a bus or subway! I know it seems like an inconvenience, but whatever the circumstances, it’s worth it (Most of the time.)


For example, the Staten Island Ferry, going to Alcatraz, or going up the Empire State may seem fun and worth the money, but they’re not. Especially the last one.

Everyone get that? Hopefully. First, and last step. Don’t spend money!

The harder part is finding a way to budget the necessities. Airfare, lodging and food.


There are resources for these, which I list here, and here:


Google Flights









I can’t tell you how to find cheap deals, because I find it hard myself. The 40+ travel deal newsletters a day I get help. But still, flights are expensive. So try your hardest and spend several hours searching for the best deal possible. Also, install the app Hopper. It’s a great way to keep tabs on your flights.


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