Getting Up Early vs Sleeping In Late: A Traveler’s Guide

Getting up early is the best option. There are many upsides to it. You can watch the beautiful sunrise like here in Charleston. Get rid of skeptical characters and meet the local people like in San Francisco, or enjoy the peace and quiet. There are so many reasons that you shouldn’t waste precious travel time in the morning by getting your beauty sleep! I list them all here in the Top 10 Travel Tips from a Traveler.

Of course, there are exceptions. If you have children, or you stayed up late the night before partying, then of course you should sleep in! But otherwise, wake up and enjoy the serenity. It’ll make it all so much better.

Charleston Sunrise

Sleeping in late, on the other hand, means that all the other people who slept in are gonna be outside too! And traveling in a busy area is not fun. So, it’s best to wake up early. Other than the health benefits, you can also see more. I would have never gotten such an amazing experience in Charleston if I hadn’t woken up early, or this awesome photo.

The Battery Charleston Waterfront


I know that while traveling with families, waking up early can be hard. Doing anything can be hard, really. And it’s ok if you don’t wake your children, or even your significant other up! Go and check out the city for yourself! Or wake them up and make them come with you. Either way works.