Amtrak for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (And Dessert)

If you find yourself on a train for days on end like I did, then you will also find yourself in the dining car of the train, having to pick and choose from the limited menu they offer you. It’s a blatant reality that the food on the train is not ideal, specifically for those with dietary restrictions.

I can’t help with what Amtrak offers for food. What I can help with is showing you if the food is actually good and wholeheartedly not going to kill you, and what food to eat. During the planning of my two week backpacking trip across the US, one of the things I questioned the most was if I would be able to eat on the train. Being a vegetarian, I thought it would be hard. And although the options are limited, for those who eat meat and for those who can’t, there is always a way. And I want to show you the best way!


Option #1 – Scrambled Eggs

Amtrak’s Scrambled Eggs

The best possible option for breakfast is Scrambled Eggs, which comes with guacamole, salsa, potatoes and a square croissant. If you really want to feel fulfilled and have energy, this is the way to go.

Option #2 – French Toast

Amtrak’s French Toast

For those craving something sweet is the French Toast, a good kids choice. It also comes with a strawberry, but it is a little chewy if i’m being completely honest.

Option #3 – Continental Breakfast

Amtrak’s Continental Breakfast

Hardly continental and a little bland, this cold combination of porridge, yogurt, fruit and croissant gives you just enough energy to get to lunch. With these three options, there is plenty of variety between the choices.


Option #1 – Southwestern Salad

Amtrak’s Southwestern Salad

A healthy and delicious option for the mid-day meal is Amtrak’s Southwestern Salad, which is easily the best option.

Option #2 – Black Bean and Corn Burger

Amtrak’s Black Bean and Corn Burger

For a more American feel go for the burger, which also comes in Angus Beef form.


Option #1 – Asian Noodle Bowl

Amtrak’s Asian Noodle Bowl

I didn’t think I would ever be raving over the food I had on a train, but honestly, this Asian Noodle Bowl was the best thing of my day while I was training Through the Middle of Nowhere.


Option #1 – Chocolate Bundt Cake

Amtrak’s Chocolate Bundt Cake

Gooey insides and chocolaty everything means I like it! What a delicious dessert on the train.

Option #2 – Lemon Citrus Tart

Amtrak’s Lemon Citrus Tart

A very tart dessert, this is the most popular one. It’s very lemony though, so be careful.

Option #3 – Cheesecake

Amtrak’s Cheesecake

The good old cheesecake is not as good as you would think, but it has sugar in it nonetheless.


Overall, I think the food experience on Amtrak was ok and I definitely exaggerated it a bit. Hopefully you can try all of them on your next trip with Amtrak!


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