Renting a Jeep in Moab, Utah

Moab is huge! And I don’t just mean Moab the city. Surrounding this desert oasis is a vast variety of natural wonder. Within an hours drive of the city, there are two national parks, a national monument, a national forest and a national recreational area. Moab is a backpacker’s dream! It’s anyone’s dream, really.

Obviously, if you brought a car with you, you can definitely use that to see the nature right outside your hotel window. But my absolute favorite way to see Eastern Utah’s natural beauty is by renting a jeep. It let’s you see the things you wouldn’t usually see, and the things you can’t see, by just having a car, like here on Gemini Bridges Road.

Above Gemini Bridges

Off-roading is a staple of life here in Moab, for locals and visitors alike. And I think that it’s important to really see Moab for all it’s got! That’s why we went to Canyonlands Jeep Rental. They have the best jeeps in town, and the best people, and the best prices! Of course, there are some limitations to what jeeps can do. But the Shafer Trail isn’t one of them, as seen below.

Shafer Switchbacks

After seeing almost all you can see around Moab in one day, I can tell you that the adventures you can have on a jeep far outweigh anything you can do in Moab with a car. Take the jeep!

Canyonlands Jeep Rental

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  1. […] Utah may not be filled with towering peaks, sky high skyscrapers or sunny beaches. But it certainly is something else. Moab is a captivating destination of absolute power, color and beauty. It’s national parks are some of the best in the country, and are perfect for jeeping around. […]


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