Making Sure You See the Best Beach in Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina is a picturesque coastal town on the Atlantic Ocean. The pastel colors of the Battery are a great introduction to the kindness of the Southern people and the warm waters of the Mid-Atlantic.

First, I would head to Pineapple Fountain, where you can find the best sunrise views in South Carolina, seeing the Arthur Ravenel Bridge in the distance. It’s a common spot for photographers, but get there early; you will be swarmed with runners, walkers and locals by 7:00.

Arthur Ravenel

The top thing to do in Charleston is to see The Battery. A great spot for relaxing, picnics, running or photography, the battery surrounds the waterfront town, and it’s more than just colorful buildings and good views.

The Battery

Now, for what everyone has been waiting for. Charleston’s famed colored residences running down the streets, perfect for shoppers and photographers alike. Head to Queen Street for more quiet views, or Broad Street if you’re looking to spoil yourself while traveling.


One of Charleston’s most defining features is it’s warm waters and soft sand beaches. One of America’s prime beach destinations, there are many options if you’re looking for some bathing, whether it be in the water or the sun. The most popular one is Folly Beach, filled with tourists and locals alike, all waiting for some fun in the sun. Isle of the Palms is another option, however it is Charleston’s resort neighborhood, meaning that unless you’re one of those staying there, it won’t be as relaxing as you may want.

My personal favorite beach, however, is Sullivan’s Beach. Just as nice as Folly’s, if not better, Sullivan’s Island is a 15 minute drive from downtown, and it’s all the hype for the locals. I’d get there before everyone catches on, but the shallow waters, white sand and seemingly rural location makes it so much more fun than any of the others.

Sullivan’s Island


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