Experience Chicago like a Local

Granted, I didn’t experience it exactly like a native. But after going to a Cub’s game, cruising along the river and swimming in Lake Michigan, it kinda felt like it.

In 2016, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series for the first time since 1908. Wrigley Field, proud home of the Cubs, housed a sea of blue and white, most of which from the visiting Toronto Blue Jays fans. The stadium was full of them, and the rivaling home team, the Cubs, were ready for action.

Today, we visited Wrigley Field. It’s a great place. Full of energy. I suppose all baseball stadiums are. But the Cubs home held a real live feeling to them. The Blue Jays vs the Cubs definitely showed off that feeling and a game is a great way to spend a day in Chicago

Second to Third
A Sea of Blue and White

We only visited Wrigley for a few hours, not finishing the game. But during the sound packed outing, we heard the Blue Angels above us, practicing for the Sea and Air Fair the next day.

Blue Angels

The next classic thing to do in Chicago, after a Cubs game, of course, is the Chicago River Architecture Cruise. Going around Chicago on this boat meant extremely educational, not at all boring and very beautiful experiences around the city. The architecture is simply astounding, and the designs never tire your eyes.

Historic in the Now
Skyline Reflection
Look Up

We also passed through a Japanese district and an industrial district, both of which were intriguing in very different ways.

Amtrak 790
Culturally Integrated

After our tour, we went to yet another classic Chicagoan point of interest, Millennium Park, with some well thought out pieces of art and beauty, abstract or not.

Green Theater
Unusual Art

In Millennium Park, the top thing to see is Cloud’s Gate, more commonly known as the Bean.

The Second City

Walking down the street, we decided, let’s go to the beach. So off we went, passing some beautiful architecture and buildings on the way.

Leading Lines

We also enjoyed some great views at the beach before rushing back to the train.

On the Sand

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