California Zephyr to Glenwood Springs, CO

Today was my first time in Colorado. So far it is a pretty awesome state. The nature is all right there. Granted, I haven’t seen much yet. But pulling up to Glenwood Springs Station on my Amtrak train, I think I saw a good amount.

After losing my phone in an Uber, we had quite an experience trying to get it back. We finally did, and once that extreme stress moment was over, I decided I needed to visit Glenwood Springs Hot Springs. Not only a hot springs, it is the worlds largest natural hot springs! The water, reminding me of Rotorua back home, smelled of sulfur. Such a relaxing thing to do, it is worth the high rating on Trip Advisor.

Sulfur and Sodium

We only spent a few hours in Glenwood Springs before coming to enjoy Aspen. I haven’t seen much in Aspen, but I know that you should definitely stay at the Tyrolean Lodge, and have dinner at the Pyramid Bistro, both of which I can highly recommend.