Trains in the Middle of Nowhere

Amtrak decided not to offer Wifi on their ‘California Zephyr,’ running from San Francisco to Chicago. It makes sense, from the nothingness we saw out the windows

From the Window

We met some great people on the train, and sat in the Observation Car most of the time. Using Coach, the seats were quite uncomfortable, and although much more expensive, I suggest a roomette simply for the better sleep.

Familiar Faces


  1. […] Catch the landscapes of Utah by sitting on the South side of the train during this leg of the trip! Usually, the Zephyr passes through Utah during the night. But that’s ok while you’re going through The Middle of Nowhere. […]


  2. […] I didn’t think I would ever be raving over the food I had on a train, but honestly, this Asian Noodle Bowl was the best thing of my day while I was training Through the Middle of Nowhere. […]


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