My First Train Trip

My first train trip required me waking up at 6:00 am and doing the packing I hadn’t done. Our train departed from King Street Station in Downtown Seattle at 9:35 am, so we had to be there a little beforehand. The process was easy, and soon after we checked in, Amtrak’s quick and easy service was on it, as we entered the train. Business Class treated us well, with large amounts of leg room, two power outlets, reclining, reasonably comfortable seats, and perfect views of the outside world.


Passing by the farm houses of southern Washington, I noticed a lot of wheat. Southern Washington, unlike the rest of the state, is rather boring and not any fun to look at. Lucky for us, we had moderately good service on the Coast Starlight 11. The train we were on, the Starlight, goes from Seattle to Los Angeles. We weren’t going that far. Only to San Francisco. Regardless, after a couple of hours in Washington, we made it across the Oregon border, to Portland.

2:12 pm

Lucky for us, Amtrak has some ‘fresh air stops,’ meaning that some of the stops in larger cities leave more than 2 minutes at the stop, so we can get off and get some awesome pictures on the way to our destination. This first one in Portland was as we got to see the city. At least as much of it is within 2 blocks of the station. There are also a large amount of homeless in the streets, and clearly a crime filled community, which we noticed after witnessing a drug deal in broad daylight. After walking around, we realized we had to get back and got back on the train at Union Station, only to get off in Eugene a few hours later.

Growers Market Mural

After Eugene, we had about 2.5 hours of absolutely no service, forcing us to look out the windows and converse with other people. We stopped in Eugene at about 5:00 pm, and arrived at the next large stop, Klamath Falls, Oregon, at about 10:00 pm. Klamath Falls, one of the destinations of our trip last week, was dark, cold and wet, with a thunderstorm raging above us. So, we quickly got back on the train after snapping this photo, and got ready for bed. Passing the Oregon-California border, I had to wait until morning at 5:30 for our stop in Sacramento. Otherwise, it was time for sleep.



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