Swimming in Oregon

Oregon is a great state. Full of nature and scenery, from the coast to the mountains, you can never get enough. Yesterday, I discovered 2 of the most amazing lakes I have ever been on/in. Go visit them on your next trip to Oregon!

The first is Klamath Lake, near Klamath Falls. For the last 2 days of our holiday, we stayed at Point Comfort Lodge, where you got your own private cabin. Early in the morning yesterday, I grabbed the paddle board and went out on the lake for 30 minutes. This is what the lake looks like.

Swimming Time
Swimming Time

The second lake we went to was Crescent Lake, on the way up from Klamath Falls to Eugene. What was a 5 minute break to get out of the car turned into a swim in a lake where you could see your toes as well as you could see your hands.


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