Newberry National Volcanic Monument

Not well documented, the Newberry National Volcanic Monument is largely comprised of what once was the inside of a volcano, and includes hundreds of smaller cinder cones planted randomly across the area.

The monument is a place of extreme beauty and natural history that defies what we see one a daily basis. It is a collection of volcanoes, waterfalls and hikes that mesmerize you every step of the way. Below, see the best places to see inside the National Monument.

Cinder Cone

Heading to the Newberry National Volcanic Monument Visitor’s Center means coming face to face with one of the larger cinder cones, or volcano inside a volcano. Between you and it is a huge pile of volcanic rocks, formed millions of years ago by lava.

Oh Paulina
Oh Paulina

Paulina Falls is a dream come true. With two waterfalls over 100 feet tall, the water is thrown at the bottom from a river up top. It is a great waterfall, only 1/4 a mile from the parking lot.

Like Lava
Like Lava

Obsidian was considered a rarity back during the times of Native American reign. Even now, this substance is largely unavailable. Here, you find a little too much of it. Big Obsidian Flow is a 1 hour hike round trip, with huge amounts of obsidian in the area and mounds and mounds of volcanic pumice as well. Obsidian may be pretty, but don’t take it; A fine of $500 may await you.

Paulina Peak

Paulina Peak is a large mountain about 8,000 ft up. It has great views normally, but the haze kind of took over this day.

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