Mt. Hood and the Surrounding Areas


Mt. Hood is the tallest mountain in Oregon, and an interesting one at that. With 1,600 square miles of nature surrounding it, there is no slight introduction to the mountain. It is visible from surrounding states. And how lucky are they.

Leaving our stop for the previous night, we had a quick stop at Hood River waterfront on the Columbia River. Hood River is the windsurfing capital of the world, but we, unfortunately, weren’t able to go. Not that I know how.

Columbia River Gorge

Our next stop brought us closer to Mt. Hood, where we actually stopped in the town of Mt. Hood to get photos on the road of the monstrosity of a volcano.


One of the best places to stop and view the mountain is Buzzard Point, the home of a dried up river bed and spectacular views.

I’m Free

On the Volcanic Scenic Byway, there are several rest stops. This one shown below just happens to be right next to a giant gorge with a river at the bottom! Just our luck.

It's Gorge-ous
It’s Gorge-ous

At night, we arrived at our destination, the lovely not so small small town of Bend, Oregon. Bend is a great town, but with our limited time we only really stopped at Pilot Butte, a volcano situated inside the city. In fact, Bend is one of four cities with a volcano inside it’s limits.

Let Me See You Shine

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