Olympic National Park in a Day

Shimmering Coho jump out of the water. Mountainous valleys and lakes build a magnificent landscape. Coastal towns create a laid back vibe in this nature heaven. Olympic National Park is a 1,400 square mile park located in the Olympic Peninsula. Although it is worth more than a day, some only have one. Here, try and visit these top 2 spots for the best experience in the Olympic Mountains.

Yesterday, our first stop was Sol Duc Falls. Although several reviews on the internet say there is a hot spring at the end of the trail, there isn’t. That’s a different trail. About a 2 hour round trip, Sol Duc Falls is a beautiful rushing waterfall at the end of a wonderful hike between ginormous evergreen trees.

Don't Go Into the Light
Don’t Go Into the Light

Seldom does the trail reach any sort of sunlight, and although it may seem cold at the start, it really warms up. When there are gaps in the trees, standing in the sun for just a second is a good idea.

The Daylight Star

Reaching the falls, there is really no way of getting around being a little wet. The mist of the falls sprays upwards, to all the viewpoints.


Heading around the back of the falls, there is a great seating area, on the dirt and tree roots, where you can eat lunch. No swimming here, not just because it’s cold but because you might very well be pushed down the waterfall. And that would be unfortunate.

Rushing River

After the hike, we drove for a few hours to get to the number one place on my bucket list, Cape Flattery. A place of interesting rock formations, blue and white water and cliff faces dropping 100 feet, Cape Flattery has always been on my list, and visiting it was more than I expected.

The large, boulder like rocky cliff faces showcased green and grey hues above the blue Pacific Ocean, with tall trees covering the top.


The colors of Cape Flattery are perhaps the thing that stunned me the most. While the trees bordered the entire area and covered the sky during the hike, the ocean seemed to reflect a deep blue, making a blue and green contrast. The caves of the side of the cliffs opened up a dark cavern, where you would see bats and cormorants flying in and out.

A Hidden Bay

Rocky like the West Coast of New Zealand, the white water splashed up against the rocks in the small bay. This is my favorite photo I took, and Cape Flattery is easily the best place I went this entire holiday.

Blue Water
Blue Water


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