ATV’s on Pismo Dunes

Avila Beach is a spectacular road trip stop. Several years ago, on a road trip down to San Diego, we stopped there to witness two Humpback Whales in the bay. Unfortunately, this time we were not given that honor. But the waterfront was a cool morning stop before heading back down to Pismo Beach.


Pismo Beach, more specifically Pismo Dunes State Vehicular Area, is a metropolis when it comes to ATV, or All Terrain Vehicles. With more than 40 services providing quad bikes and such operating out of Pismo area, it was a hard choice, but we ended up going with Steve’s ATV’s, in Oceano Beach, renting 3 ATV’s for 2 hours.

A great experience, we had so much fun. The dunes were cool to see up close and personal, and even cooler when you are rolling down them at 50 mph. We did have some problems. My sister faceplanted into a sink hole of sand, my step dad ripped his leg up on the uncovered wheel, and I tipped my entire vehicle on its side while going down a dune! No problems, all good. And hey. If everything went smoothly, what would we even remember.