The Beach at Pismo Beach

After several hours of driving yesterday, we arrived in Pismo Beach, near San Luis Obispo. Although not having enough time to really do anything in the area, I managed to walk down to the beach right to get some photos right before it turned night, and right after.

These pipers, similar to the Disney short clip, run back and forth from the shore, digging into the ground to get meat from small shellfish, and then running away from the waves to hide on the dry sand.


The beach here is great, and although the water is a little cold in April, the sand is nice to sit and relax on. Maybe grab some food at a local supermarket and go to the beach for a picnic. Or, head to the burger restaurant right down the street for some delicious tacos.

Sunny California
Sunny California

Sunset here in Pismo Beach meant sitting on top of the dunes, taking as many photos as I could just so I knew I got the best one.


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