Top Napa Valley Destinations

Napa Valley has a wide variety of beautiful vineyards, quiet roads and bright hues in the landscape. We decided to try and tour some of it, enjoying the views, and my parents the wine, of this great Californian region.

Downtown Napa is the capital of the Napa Valley. Although in my opinion it is a boring city, one of the top things to do in the entire valley is the Wine Train, a great tour taking you through Napa Valley all the way north to Calistoga where you get out to go to a winery. It is a great way to see the area and has some good views of the vineyards.

Wine on the Tracks

Driving north from Napa, we saw the vineyards rushing by our windows, and quickly stopped when we noticed the Napa Valley Sign. ‘And the wine is bottled poetry…’

And the Wine is Bottled Poetry

Mustard fields are always a good idea. Go to Round Pond Estate Winery for great photos of the yellow flowers, and a good walk around the grounds, and maybe even a wine (or two.)

Mustard Fields
Mustard Fields

One of the top wineries in Napa Valley is Castello di Amorosa, an Italian influenced castle built in the 1900’s by an architect after his time. The design on the building is amazing and it has an awesome walk around the grounds. Make sure you go up to the top, beyond the entrance and the pig pens. A great view of the winery, as shown here, is available. And afterwards, you can either go do a tour inside the giant structure, feed the ducks, sheep and llamas at the petting zoo, or have a glass of wine at the restaurant and lounge.