Air-streaming in California

Off to a good start, my road trip down the I-5 continued with an 8 hour drive from Oregon to Calistoga in Napa Valley. The scenery in Northern and Central California was great, like at this truck stop near Shasta.

Truck Stop
Truck Stop

Heading South, something you cannot miss is Mt. Shasta, one of the tallest mountains in the Western USA. It has several great vista points off of the side of the road.

Shasta Shasta

Napa Valley is a great destination, and our first one. Deciding where to stay in Napa Valley is sometimes difficult as there are several cool towns with different things about them. Napa, the city, is a larger metropolitan hub. Not as chic as the other towns, it is a lot busier and not as pretty. However it is close to quite a few of the popular wineries. St. Helena, halfway up the valley, is a small town with a great food scene. If you are looking for relaxation, St. Helena is great, but it’s location makes it difficult to access activities or wineries. Calistoga, in the North, is a great place to stay. It is a small town with several beautiful things to do, places to see and wineries. Calistoga, where we were headed, is my personal favorite.

Heading through the entrance to Napa Valley during the late afternoon meant great light on the picturesque green hills of Napa.


Arriving in Calistoga, we got all settled in at our RV site in our comfy Air-stream, before I went on a walk down the street to run into a local’s house with a small vineyard in their front yard

Wine at Night

After arriving in Calistoga late, we went downtown for a quick bite to eat and a little look around, before heading to bed.