Dia de las Mujeres in Sacred Valley

In the remote region of Sacred Valley, around Urubamba, there is a locally celebrated festival, Dia de las Mujeres, or Woman’s Day. It is slightly different to International Women’s Day, and the way they celebrate it is eye opening into the open minded and open hearted people of Peru.

Sacred Valley, hence the name, is a colorful valley full of small towns and rural villages. A beautiful drive is up the surrounding hills towards the small villages and houses. The views are amazing.


On the way up to the school we were volunteering at, we pulled over at a festival celebrating women. The group were all hanging around, chilling out. When we arrived, they all cheered and told us to hold hands with them. And we danced.

A Faint Introduction

On the woman’s day in Peru, women are celebrated by the men. The men wear necklaces made out of leaves, while the woman wear them made of flowers. The culture is amazing and the people are so kind.

Serious or No?

What an amazing place.

A Southern Paradise


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