Preparing for Altitude Sickness

The flight to Cuzco from Lima is amazing. The picture perfect views of the Peruvian Andes Mountains make you enjoy the 1 – 1.5 hour flight to one of the highest airports in the world. Along with the mountainous scenery, descending down to Cuzco creates a vista over the city of 350,000.

Cuzco is over 11,000 ft up in the air. You may have heard of the Coca leaves, banned in the U.S. because they are used to create cocaine. However, it takes 100 kilos of Coca leaves to create a gram of cocaine. Although it doesn’t necessarily sound appealing, it works miracles when it comes to altitude sickness. When it comes to kids, don’t give them more than one a day though.

In the morning, we went to our hotel in downtown and had breakfast. Heading back from breakfast, I wasn’t feeling so good, so I headed upstairs to grab the Coca leaf pills I bought at the airport, which are very useful. Going up the elevator, I collapsed due to altitude sickness. A friend of mine passed out for almost a minute from it. Please take it seriously and do not do anything strenuous for your first day in Cuzco.


Since I had to get used to the elevation change during the morning and just relax, I didn’t get to do much on my first day in Cuzco. However I did get to go to Plaza de Armas, a beautiful square with a catholic church, a cathedral, lots of shops and this vista point. The cathedral is a beautiful building with architecture influenced by both The Inca Empire and Spain

The Cathedral

Otherwise, my day in Cuzco was pretty mellow. But I want everyone to make sure that they are ready for the altitude of Cuzco.


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